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Sample Timetable


12.20   School Collections begin


Homework Completion

Homework completion is assisted and monitored and liaison with parents is ongoing in this regard.

Computer Session on Desktops  and iPads

A range of programmes that are educational including basic animation and programming using Scratch and Pencil and Gamestar Mechanic, aswell as introductory skills in Microsoft Office.

Children are encouraged to divide this session into learning and free play, each advancing their IT skills and familiarity and confidence with IT sector.


Group divided into junior and senior groups, sports on offer include indoor and outdoor options and are weather dependent. Sessions comprise of Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Dodgeball and group games. On Tuesdays we combine groups for Gaelic Football training with our qualified coach.

Arts and crafts

Including cutting and pasting, play-doh modelling, card-making etc. using a variety of materials and styles.

Free play time where a selection of board games, opportunity to learn Chess, knitting etc.

Friday Special:

Cookery, DVD and popcorn where there is no homework to be completed.

6.15 Last collection time.